Add Value to Your Log Cabin with the Right Windows in Indianapolis

Log cabins often carry that old-time charm and rustic appeal. Part of the charm includes seeing it decked out with windows. However, if the existing windows are in poor shape, setting the house up with new replacement windows may be necessary. All it takes is a great deal of thought in choosing, an article in Log Home Living magazine states.

Some Indianapolis residents may have ideas about building and living in a home crafted from solid timbers. The annual Log & Timber Frame Show held recently at the Indiana State Pavilion is often a starting point for budding homeowners and current log cabin residents to improve their home ownership experience. When the upgrading work or renovation involves certain fixes or replacements to the windows, an established home improvement windows store in Indianapolis like Franklin Window and Door will have what you need


Modern Storm Doors in Indianapolis for Home Aesthetics and Protection

Summer in Indianapolis is typically characterized by hot days, but some episodes of inclement weather may take place that often effect your house’s interior to a certain degree. On the bright side, summer is also a chance to bring in more natural light. When you’re in need of new storm doors that amp up your house in more ways than one, a company like Franklin Window and Door can help you out.

All In

Many storm doors come in pre-hung form; that is, the entire unit is already assembled before it goes up for installation. A complete pre-hung storm door will often include the panels, sill and threshold, door jambs, the pneumatic closer, and weather-stripping, among others. When testing a potential door, some signs of good quality to watch for, according to, include a noticeable heft and flawless movement.

A Simple Window Replacement in Indianapolis Can Transform Your Home

Adding a window to the right spot of your home isn’t just good for making the place look great. It can also contribute to making a home that is more functional and energy-efficient at the same time. Here are some ways you can maximize the use of your windows:

Light – When deciding on window replacement in Indianapolis, think of big and wide windows that can let the light in. You can add them to just about any area of the house that needs more lighting. Since sunlight is free, you can easily cut down on costs by turning off your lights.
Air – It would also be beneficial if you choose windows that open easily to let in more air. By doing so you can cut down on ventilation costs and keep yourself comfortable by just sitting near your window. It is advisable that you use Low-Emissive windows because they can keep the heat away from your house during the hot summer months while keeping it in during the colder months.

A Windows Store in Indianapolis Can Offer Energy-Efficient Options

Many homeowners need every advantage to ensure their home does not cost too much to maintain. This includes making sure the windows are intact enough to help keep the heating and cooling load inside. Mitchell Parker of says every window matters in ways beyond just providing natural light to your home.
Constancy and durability are just what many Indianapolis residents need for their homes. Weather conditions in Naptown tend to test the conditions of houses – and homeowners’ patience. If your windows are proving to be a problem, with your comfort compromised and your utility payments skyrocketing, find the right replacement windows at a windows store in Indianapolis, such as Franklin Window and Door.

Choosing Quality Doors in Indianapolis to Enhance Your Home’s Façade

Who wouldn’t want a wonderful house to return to at the end of the day? More than any other feature of the house, the front door highlights just how welcoming the interior of the home would seem. You might feel that your front door isn’t quite giving you or others the gratifying accommodation that the rest of your home provides; if so, then it’s time to think of a replacement door. An article in HouseLogic noted that a remodel project that includes replacing the front door with a new one may provide extra resale value down the line.
Indianapolis residents can see the value in replacing their front door. Depending on how long their doors have been in, homeowners who suspect that their doors are on their “last leg” are considering energy-efficient replacement options that optimize the spread of heating or cooling loads within the dwelling.