“Help! My New Window Replacement is Fogging Up My View! What Do I Do?”

Perhaps some of you have heard of the phrase “new is not always better”. Technology can have certain drawbacks, and one of these is window condensation. This is especially true for people who have weather stripping windows, which keeps the cold air out and the warm air in. These types of windows are great for keeping you warm during winter, or cool during summer, but are not well suited for view watching.

The first thing you need to know is that fog in windows is caused by condensation. Your windows are more likely to fog up if there is a big difference between outside and inside temperature in your home. New replacement windows are of course tightly sealed and insulated to keep your home comfortable during extremely hot or cool weather.


A Simple Window Replacement in Indianapolis Can Transform Your Home

Adding a window to the right spot of your home isn’t just good for making the place look great. It can also contribute to making a home that is more functional and energy-efficient at the same time. Here are some ways you can maximize the use of your windows:

Light – When deciding on window replacement in Indianapolis, think of big and wide windows that can let the light in. You can add them to just about any area of the house that needs more lighting. Since sunlight is free, you can easily cut down on costs by turning off your lights.
Air – It would also be beneficial if you choose windows that open easily to let in more air. By doing so you can cut down on ventilation costs and keep yourself comfortable by just sitting near your window. It is advisable that you use Low-Emissive windows because they can keep the heat away from your house during the hot summer months while keeping it in during the colder months.